About Me

Maestros Leadership Team works towards achieving sustainable development goals set by the United Nations, and this time they are targeting Goal #10 that focuses on Reducing Inequalities, under the project called BEYOND PHYSIQ. We believe that for sustainable development to take place, all o...

This is an educational initiative that helps people working for social good deepen their impact and change the world. Maestros Leadership Academy learners have the chance to earn a certificate in social sector leadership and many other courses. It can be challengi...

A ceremonial Friday within a month is set by a Team of Maestros; they celebrate the vision of Maestros by  wearing the branded Maestros wear while working on creating changes in Africa by making knowledge and information accessible to everyone and getting ourselves involve...

Our Story

Maestros Leadership Teams are United Nations awarded coalitions of young social, technical and commercial leaders. Together, we solve persistent global challenges that limit communities’ ability to survive and thrive. We do this by leveraging our global network of leaders known as Maestros, to develop and deploy community engaging, high-thinking solutions.

Kicked off in 2014, as Maestros Leadership company which trains private institutions and through leadership training programs in 2015 gave birth to a group of inspired and purposeful youths called Maestros Leadership Team. The team seeks to bring change to the mindset of everyone, We seek to make a Maestro of every person.  What Does  the word "Maestro" Mean? "Maestro" is a noun, which means "a great or distinguished figure in any sphere." You can also refer a Maestro as a master, expert, genius, prodigy; ace, whiz, or pro.

We believe in developing people who will become "Maestros" in their professional fields or their areas of passion. Our Vision is to develop and equip leaders across the globe who make a difference in their societies through selfless service.

A Call to Action

We are challenging the minds of young people across Africa, to give to their continent rather than only expect from it and in so doing harnessing Africa's potential. We are especially interested in developing and equipping young people into leaders with purpose, motivated by service to humanity and driven by sustainable results to achieve an Africa that is politically, socially and economically successful. LET'S DO THIS.   

The core of Maestros Leadership Team - Action Plan 101 aims at engaging the youth in all 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by The United Nations in 3 sections: 
1st Component - Develop a marketing campaign to have every global young person understand & engage in the SDGs. 
2nd Component - Create local and global partnerships with existing projects and organizations to strengthen each other’s impact on the SDGs. 
3rd Component - Develop and implement a new project which contributes to achieving the Global goals.    

The Global goals are an ambitious plan of action set out by The United Nations member states for people, planet and prosperity. They are universal, applying to all nations and people, seeking to tackle inequality and leave nobody behind. The ambition is to end extreme poverty and hunger by 2030.  

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Be a part of the movement. We are the leaders of today; great thinkers, full of passion and motivation to drive our communities forward.  - Emmanuel Otieno (Maestros Ambassador).