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Mzuzu University On Care4Girls Campaign

Maestros Leadership team members from Mzuzu University (MZUNI) are promoting a Care4Girls campaign and had a program on 21st October 2016 at Lupaso CDSS. The campaign is an empowerment programme aimed at promoting quality educate and keeping young girls in school. The programme focuses on creating mentorship opportunities and awareness on puberty and adolescent. In the process, distributing sanitary towels and demystifying all menstrual related myths.

“The campaign is one of many initiatives under Maestros Leadership Team, commissioned to inspire young women to take up the challenge of Leadership through quality education, good health and gender equity” – Glory Muva (Chairperso

The reach out was hosted by 28 members of CARE4GIRLS from MZUNI with Alinafe Ngindo Nyasulu as a team leader, Alinafe commented, “We thank God because the activity was successful conducted. We had 80+ girls from Lupaso CDSS patronized the event and also present was their deputy mistress, Mrs Wezzie Banda and other three female staff members.

The event started at noon. MZUNI care for girls’ team empowered young girls on different topics including; Spirituality growth, Academic excellency, Health and Menstrual hygiene, Leadership and Social responsibility” - Alinafe Ngindo Nyasulu [Care4Girls MZUZU team leader]

Lonny Khonde and Chrisy Nundwe inspired young ladies on spirituality, Emma Chimela took over on academic excellence, Serah Zonzie Banda and Prisca Gama talked on health and hygiene, while Miwase Nyirenda and Alinafe Nankhwala taught the young ladies on Social life.

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