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Testimonials From Poly Maestros at Kalonga

With the aim of ensuring quality primary school education and promoting education for sustainable development in Malawi, Maestros from the Polytechnic went to Kalonga Primary school, on a Free Uniform and books distribution program called MAAP [Maestros Academic Armour Project]. Below are some of the testimonials from the Maestros with first hand experience.


“It was a life changing experiencing. To partake in changing the lives of primary school children who would have missed school coz of no school uniforms. And to see the smiles on those children faces it was just priceless.” – Stanley Biliati


“It was a privilege to them being chosen among many who are facing same problem; but to me i saw it as a blessing for we did not give them only school uniforms but we planted great memory in their lives...seeing us doing a work they consider to be done by big organisations to them it was a motivation too, it was a great experience “- Gervasio Marius Malata


“Looking at the smiling faces, knowing that the feeling shall never be same for the kids it was an inspiration. We talk of education most of time as a stand-alone element but the project made me realise that education indeed is a system that needs to function simultaneously.”  - Chawanangwa Nyirenda


“It’s always great to be a part of change. am glad i got to experience such a memorable experience. one parent said "you have done the duties that we as parents have failed to do for our kids and for that we are grateful," that made me want to do this even more. It was Amazing. - Chisomo Kapatsa


“I have learnt  that the little things we do for others means a lot to them. I realized that to us it was just a school uniform, to them it was more than that. Seeing the joy the beneficiaries had always puts a smile on my face. I  have also learnt  that there is much joy in giving. Being part of the team has made me realize that 'together with the little that we have we can put a smile on someone's face'.” - Isaac Malunga


“The time I went into the room where the ceremony was taking place I could tell that the parents and the children are overwhelmed,, when I sat down i started looking at each child with a deeper feeling that these children need our love , ,it taught me that giving changes everything, as I saw them wearing new uniforms my mind also worn a new lesson that love can be shown in any way ,,Giving is love, I can't wait for another one....” - Kumbu Souvenir Luhanga


“It was really awesome  to be part of those bringing the difference  in our future  leaders. It didnt change their lives only but also of a maestro too. I personally liked the experience as it brought happiness to all of us.” - Patience Moyo

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