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Namame Receives Free Uniforms From Poly Maestros

Polytechnic chapter led by Kumbutso Alinafe Ngaiyaye and Mervis Nyirenda under Maestros Leadership team had a memorable time with the students at Namame Primary School in Blantyre, Malawi. Under the project known as MAAP; The team distributed free uniforms and many other school materials to the needy students. MAAP (Maestros Academic Amour project) aims at ensuring quality primary school education and promoting education for sustainable development in Malawi.
Furthermore, the POLYTECHNIC Maestros also offered motivation talk to the young students; all aimed at encouraging primary school students to stay in school and work hard to achieve their goals and impact positively in their societies.


“To say that the experience was "life changing" for me would be a gross understatement. I will never forget the smiles that those uniforms put on the faces of those children.
It's always important to have the right attitude towards your education. For those children, that uniform is going to give them the right attitude- one that will propel them to great heights. To be a part of that is an honour!” - CUTHBERT MATHEW NGWIRA.

“I was very honoured to be one to the participants in motivating the young youths and it was very touching to see them smiling as well as happy.. Moreover I was very inspired in what Maestro did to help them. I hope to do something like this some day, All Thanks to this incredible experience.
May God continue blessing us to do more.” - VANESSA MKANDAWIRE

“The experience was phenomenal, a certain woman approached me with tear, appreciating what we had done to her child. It was great that our presence alone brought motivation to the students, and the joy of the kids was just awesome.” - Isaac Yitzchaq Gondwe

“I loved it... t was awesome en I enjoyed it... We really made a difference in those children's lives. When we gave the outstanding students rewards they were encouraged to work harder so that they receive more often plus it will push those who didn’t do well to want to work hard so they get the gifts next time... about the uniforms, most kids who cant manage to afford uniforms feel out of place when they go to school without putting on a uniform when everyone else is in one.....so am sure after receiving the uniforms they felt loved and will be encouraged to attend school and work hard in class.” - CAROLYN GONAWAMBA

*My Experience at Namame Primary school… Visiting Namame was amazing, the warm welcome we had, plus the projects goal was a success that day. We were able to cheer those pupils and inspire them to become poly aspirants which was a very good experience seeing Mervis and John working on motivational talks.

And the donating part was awesome because it provided those pupils with one or two of their BASIC NEEDs that must be priority and I hope we had brought those pupils smiles in their hearts
This was confirmed by their parents' appreciation.

And more to that we enjoyed watching these kids show us their mere talents which were imminently entertaining as we all observed those of us who were there, these folks had drama presentation, that music was awesomeness: this all shows they were happy about us which is an amazing thing and quite appealing to us

This project is a beacon of hope for those pupils because they found themselves role models and they need it. This was quite a terrific experience and one which was timely and fundamental.” - Pete Rashford Kaponda

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