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The Genesis of Mzuni Maestros

Mzuzu University (aka MZUNI) is one of the principal universities of Malawi. The school is located in Mzuzu.in the northern region of Malawi. It was founded in 1997 and accepted its first students in 1999. Maestro Team MZUNI chapter was initiated in the year 2014 via a whatsApp group created by Sir Charles Lipenga and Sir Dennis Imaan, and ideas that were shared through WhatsApp turned into a beautiful story of action, which saw the group engaging itself into activities like care for girls & a number of meetings to discuss the next mile of the greens.



Led by Heston Munkhondya and Precious Kachina, Mzuni Maestros was officially launched on the 23rd of February, 2017 by Sir Dennis Imaan (Mr. innovations Maestro) with his colleagues Deborah Mkumbwa (Coordinator for Chanco) & Michelle Phiri (Activities coordinator Chanco). who took time to enlighten the team on the history of Maestro, the vision goals and achievements that have taken place so far.

We must say it was a privilege to be among such people that believe in a better world out there, a world that is healthy and friendly to every individual. It’s easy to talk about change but putting change into action requires strategy and determination, a character we have seen in the Maestro team and we can’t wait to make significant difference as our fellow team members have done. The launch was conducted at Mzuni campus and we were privileged to have our first set of T-shirts which was paired with a few photos of the green maestros.

Care For Girls Campaign

The Mzuzu Care For Girls- CA4G campaign led by Alinafe Nyasulu and a vibrant team full of highly inspired young ladies leading change. "We believe in making change, offering a helping hand and making a significant difference to the community." - said Miss Nyasulu. Now we at Mzuni maestro took a step to reach out to the girls at Lupaso secondary school by donating free sanitary pads and well of course some exercise books. The programme was aimed at educating, motivating and empowering the girls on how to be the best they can be in every corner of the society. We targeted to helping them build the spirit of leadership and giving, above all encourage them focus on larger goals i.e. Reach University to further their studies. The visit was spiced up by a series of common traditional activities like the famous sport “Flaye”.

The Photoshoot

"On the 11th of March, the green Maestros invited a professional photographer and took a few pictures on campus. The event was filled with joy, laughter and so much noise which engulfed the university campus. Since the photo shoot, we have managed to attract an audience with an addition of a couple of other members to the team." Said Precious the MZUNI chapter Coordinator.


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