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What is The Philosophy behind Maestros’ 5 Star Leaders?

"When I was a kid, it only meant 5 fingers but now it means the quality of leadership everyone should strive to attain, Maestros is raising 5 star leaders.” - Alexander DC Mtambo (Executive secretary). I believe many wonder why Maestros raise their hands with 5 finger in the air. Today you will get to learn more about symbolism. 

Picture above: From Left (Right Hon. Patricia Scotland - Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Charles Lipenga - CEO of Maestros Team, Kena Mphonda - Malawi High Commissioner to the UK)

QUESTION: What’s the difference between a 5 star hotel and an average hotel? 
Is it the size, age, or the location? Of course not.

Quality and consistency of service is the number one differentiator.
It is the attention that the hotel pays on the services; the excellence on minor details that accumulate to an excellent Major detail. #5STAR
5 STAR HOTELS typify luxury across all areas of operation; the guests enjoy an extensive range of facilities and comprehensive or highly personalised services. Properties at this level display excellent design quality and attention to detail.

So it doesn't matter where you are from or how big/ old you are, If you want to become a 5 star leader; have EXCELLENCE & CONSISTENCE in what you do. Wherever you go people will always spot you. You become the distinguished amongst the distinguished.

5 CHALLENGES TO ATTAIN 5 STAR LEADERSHIP taught under Maestros Leadership Academy;

  1. Free-Dome
  2. Excel-Lence
  3. Opport-Unity
  4. Leader-Sheep
  5. Distinct-Ion

… Get to learn in details at the next Maestros Leadership Training.

Maestros Leadership Team is especially interested in the development and equipping of leaders who have purpose, motivated by service to humanity and driven by sustainable results to excellently achieve the Africa that is politically, socially and economically successful.

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