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Through The Lense of The MCA Maestros Coordinator

Malawi College of Accountancy (MCA) is a professional training institution in the field of Accounting and Finance. Maestros Team launched a new chapter at the Blantyre institution in March, 2017.  Here is a report from the new coordinator, Dalitso Chinguwo.

LET’S DO THIS!    If you are on social media and you are friends with university or college students you have by now probably seen at least one or two posts with that hash tag or pics with t shirts written those words! The question is how do you get to join in the LETS DO THIS trend?

The very first step to launching a chapter is to understand what Maestro is about. Develop a passion for the movement and know what is at the core of its existence. It is not an issue of having been there when it started or an issue of having been a member for a longer period but it is an issue of how much you believe in what the movement is trying to achieve. The reason for all this required level of knowledge is simple; because you are the one to sell the idea to others and mostly to people who have never even heard about it. After all how would you convince people to engage in something you personally don’t believe in?

You will meet people who are interested because they saw or heard about it somewhere, you will meet people who really appreciate what you are doing as maestros and you will also meet people who are interested or pretend to be, because everyone else is involved. The secret to handling all these however is giving them all attention, explaining to each one regardless of whether you know if their intent is sincere or not because at the end of the day it makes you better at explaining (which you will have to do a lot of) and at the same time you never know who else is listening or who the people you are telling may tell.

Since we live in a whatsapp era, the best way to go about it is to record a voice note and maybe a pre-written text which you will have to forward to each individual who is curious. Otherwise, it really gets tiring to type the same thing to people over and over again.

The other secret is to never make it really about you. The main mistake people make when launching a thing like this is to seek all the credit and in doing that, they push forward mostly the fact that something is their initiative instead of pushing forward the thing itself. This limits the audience you reach out to and this is just those in your circle. For example, our chapter started getting publicity around the campus as well as in social circles at a time when we were having student union elections in which I was contesting. Now since a lot of people would want to vote for people who are active and take up various initiatives for the good of the school, I must say it was really tempting to use it as tool to gain myself popularity. The tricky part however was that if I did present it as a strategy to win popularity, that would rule out the possibility of anyone who does not agree with me as a person or as union aspirant from getting involved. So eventually that would taint the whole effort of what maestro is trying to achieve. It is therefore very important to understand that it’s not just about you so have an open mind. After all there is more to launching a chapter than knowing more about maestros. You could be the one who knows the most about the leadership team but that doesn’t make you the only one with good ideas necessary for the launch.

Annetti Mtemwende who happens to be one of these individuals who had never before heard about maestros but bought into the idea and is now a very committed maestro says just from the launch alone she feels her mindset has changed and she specifically points out to the fact that maestros is really about helping others for the benefit of everyone else. The selflessness sticks out without having to point at it. She has been really inspired and she it taking up the challenge as a care for girls representative for MCA.

Frascisco Ndema who is the vice president of MCA students union also points out that despite being an initiative for the good of the community, maestros is also a good networking system that young people especially those in colleges and universities need since it helps them to connect to a vast pool of equally able and capable young people with which we can share ideas in business, life and all interests we may be mutually share.

All in all, Maestros is continuously growing to be a very important factor in development and the fact that it continues to attain recognition on both the local and international scene goes a long way to show its far reaching influence. I personally feel privileged to share in this great vision which will soon change the world, starting with the fate of Malawi, after all, charity begins at home.

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