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The Grand Launch at MAGU

On 3rd March, 2017 was a great day to MAGU Maestros team as it was a long awaited day since the commencing of the chapter in September, 2016. As the Maestros, and other fellows who joined the function, were glad to be addressed about the vision, mission and objectives of the team. On this event, we had Sir Charles M. Lipenga who made people realise about the "Let’s Do This" Motto as many were just excited to make mention of it around the campus, He also let us know about the 5ive.

Maestros is all about success and uniqueness. It understood leadership in a different way, it vitalises the thinking of people and made them realise they have the ability to do anything successfully. One thing I have liked most is how maestros encourages teamwork, it understood that working as a team, everyone achieves. I love being a Maestro and ready to bring success in other people’s lives” Anderson S. Kayenda (MAGU Coordinator)

In commenting, the president of MAGU Student Union, Hellings Nkonde said “The presentation drew the audience in and held their attention for two full hours. There was never a dull moment, the speakers were witty and very informative. The presentation brought new insights from current search of the true keys to succeed in life. It was a pleasure to hear some humorous testimonies of Maestros and One of the Speaker. Maestro Sukez. Your remarks triggered new ideas that will benefit our world for many years to come. You helped kindle a renewed enthusiasm in different fields. I was glad you reserved a few minutes to questions. Your answers were very insightful

Gloria Mphwere, a member of the team, when asked about the day, she said “The launch was nice and I was greatly motivated and revived by the speech that was presented to us to do more for my nation. Knowing that the nation does not owe us anything but that we owe it something, I was driven to make use of the platform that Maestros has brought and that together we can do much better. Above all, what I can say is that my life got changed since that day and the way I think now, it’s not the way I used to, LET’S DO THIS

One Voice from MAGU students who attended the launch but were not members by then said “We want to compliment the presentation during the launch. It was very relevant to our current status as an emerging university and also as a business institution. We’re glad that we attended the function which left us with no option but to be regenerated and be the members of maestros’ team. We appreciate the time you gave us as it was a great success and at the same time was most stimulating moment in the history of MAGU. Our thanks also goes to Sir Bright on opening our heads and make us think like great leaders and also Sir Gift who made us to believe in ourselves through entrepreneurship hints that he gave. We appreciated your lecture and felt as if you were speaking directly to us personally. MAGU team will never be the same and that is the hope that we have for our nation, MALAWI will never be the same, And AFRICA will never also be the same, LET’S DO THIS.”

Charles Lipenga (CEO, Maestros Leadership Team)

Gift Sukali (Founder of HD Plus Creations)

Bright Chidzumeni (Director of Leadership, Maestros Leadership Team)

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