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Kenya Maestros Team goes Green

Maestros Green (MaGreen) project is a Maestros international project, which was started in Malawi with the aim of training and motivating young people to volunteer and advocate  for climate action. MaGreen was executed successfully in Malawi, we are doing something similar in Kenya. Essentially after seeking guidance from the Kenya Forestry service, we were assigned a forester based in Embakasi area Nairobi named Patricia, she was very helpful in finding a planting site. She gave suggestions of working with government schools as planting sites, so that after planting the trees the students can help in nurturing the trees to maturity.

The Head Teacher of Eldevale School Mrs. Okoth was in great support of the initiative and gave her approval. The tree planting project was successful, it happened on the Friday 31 March 2017. On the day of the launch, we managed to plant a total of 50 trees with the help of students in Eldevale School, The other remaining trees will be planted in the month of May.

On behalf of the Nairobi maestros chapter we are saying, Thank you to sir Charles and the Maestros leadership for the inspiration and opportunity to make a difference in our nation and the Globe. Our eyes are open to more opportunities and ideas, we have identified more projects that are upcoming this year, you will see and hear more from us. “Let’s do this!”

Special acknowledgment to the lead organizers
Sir Claude Saula - Coordination and operations, Maestros Team Kenya
Grace Mwikali – Logistics, Maestros Team Kenya
Immanuel Otieno – Planning, Maestros Team Kenya

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