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Maestros Team Cleans Maseno Market | Kenya

Maestros Team provides opportunities for the youth to discover their heart to serve and realize that serving others is not just something they do, but it is their way of life. Service Leadership Programs under Maestros Teams help members answer their call to lead. Every person has leadership potential and these programs provide a forum for individuals to unlock theirs.  Someone with a call to lead decides to step forward when the easier choice might be to stand still. The Maestros experience helps members accept their own identity as a leader, enhances their knowledge of other-centered leadership, and develops their ability to transform an idea into purposeful action.

In celebrations of Africa Day, the idea was realized by the Kenya Red Cross Maseno University chapter Chairman, Vincent Scofield, who thought the market place was where most of the meals and foodstuffs were bought and it ought to be kept clean.  The team was made up of different chapters in the University who joined hands together.  

“We divided ourselves to make work easier. Some were collecting rubbish, others were sweeping, some were dumping the rubbish, some uprooting grown grass along walls while others were clearing the drainage. After the clean up exercise we had refreshments and getting to know one another before adjourning the event.” - Eunice Owuor | Maseno Maestros Chapter Coordinator.

Special vote of thanks

  1. Renson for the coordination to ensure we get T-shirts 
  2. Sir Claude for his continuous support and encouragement 
  3. Rolex for his tireless efforts in ensuring we do it and getting more interested people 
  4. Grace Divine for helping us in printing and delivering the T-shirts in time
  5. Red Cross Maseno University chapter team for partnering with us in their clean up activity 
  6. Team Maestros Maseno chapter for showing up and being part of the activity

    Eunice finished by saying, “Thank you Maestros for this platform where we give selflessly to our society for our own growth and development. LET’S DO THIS #KENYA.”

For those interested in joining the movement and serving your community; JOIN US, Sign up on the Website or Contact the coordinator: kenya.chapter@maestrosleaders.org 
Our next project is on 19th, the Men's forum and on 20th of May, Chapo fest. Let's impact positively in our society.

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