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"LETS DO THIS" in Sign Language

Learning to sign is easier than ever, thanks to the help from Mary View school of the deaf, we did not change others, but we were changed.  The visual language, designed to aid the deaf or hard of hearing, is a set of gesticulations and hand movements that correspond to the spoken word and Maestros Leadership Team is advocating for all to learn basic sign launguage.

Before speaking to the amazing souls at Mary view school of the Deaf, we took time to learn sign language and in speaking their language they heard us loud and clear. Because we spoke the same language. Sometimes people just need you to put some effort into it. 
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In the spirit of advocacy for Equal opportunities undr BEYOND PHYSIQ project, Catholic University Chapter under Maestros Leadership team organized uniforms for all the students at Mary View - school of the deaf in Chiradzulo. They donated 176 uniforms on 29th April, 2017 together with Maestros from different chapters. 

Below are some comments from the Maestros who visited the school of the deaf;
"Being amidst the students at Mary View School of the Deaf was a great lesson for me i got to understand that being deaf does not disqualify one from having access to every aspect of life... I could see the beauty of life through them and that despite the challenges that might be there, there is always a way through. 

It was great to interact with them.. One exciting thing about them is how they learn and understand things so fast. The kids are  precious and unique and they need to be heard and given a platform to express themselves and i am glad that BEYOND PHYSIQ project is giving them such a platform."

"Meeting the kids at Mary View was was an exciting experience no one can ever take away from me. It was amazing to see how much these kids could do and say without uttering a word. Surely this is beyond physIQ. The dreams that they have showed me that nothing can stop us from dreaming. We have got to dream and dream big. It doesn't matter whether we have disabilities. We all have the ability to make a difference." CATHERINE KAMBA (MCA Chapter)

"The visit to Mary view  has made a difference in my life ...despite their state the kids were full of joy and the coordination among them was so amazing. .it gave me joy and I learnt from them that being joyful is indeed a choice...and it has  made me have the desire to  reach out and inspire more whilst  sharing the love of God in us so that their dream can be fulfilled." - VERONICA CHEMBEZI (MCA Chapter)

"Presence of silence doesn't mean absence of words. Visiting montfort school of special needs in Chiradzulo was an experience I call unlike it transcended my perception of unable and disabled. I realise  who i thought were deaf can talk only a different languages.if only you can listen you realise without speaking you can still talk. I believe they are having solutions to some of the problem we are having let's involve them let's learn their language. Just they can happily dance to our  drums they can not hear we can also learn love and trust beyond physical appearance. I have learnt that there is ability in  what you call disability actually we are the ones  disabling them with  discrimination and inequality." - STEVEN F. MLANGIZA (COM Chapter)

The Maestros Team with some of the students

"The visit at Mary view for me was a wonderful experience. I was amazed and impressed with how well the kids interacted and organized themselves, indeed disability is in not inability. The way they were able to carry out good dances which I understood as their drive to not let their disability hinder them from doing what they want to do. They inspired me not to just have big dreams but to ACT." - ESTHER BONYONGA (CHANCO Chapter)

"What I learnt in visiting Mary view is that one does not need to be perfect for them to be happy. It only requires acceptance and learning how to copy up with your situation. Therefore disability in other things cannot guarantee that we cannot be happy or achieve beyond PHISQ." - Pauline Grace Liwonde , (POLY chapter)

"I decided to be part of the Beyond PhysIQ team because of my great passion for learners with special learning needs. Leading an organisation that supports teachers, learners and communities involved in Special Needs Education has taught me to value, appreciate and respect people living with disabilities - because they too are ABLED 
 Everyone is indeed unique and every individual has a different impression to live upon us and Malawi. Regardless of my experience with working with differently abled children, I was still amazed by the students at Mary view. With little or no hearing these kids were able to coordinate a dance *without* music! It was beautiful to see how much fun they were having and the cheers in the room also gave testament to their skill. It was amazing to see how attentive the kids were, how well they interacted with each other and us. It was interesting to see and know that they "listened" and understood.
I believe this is a good platform for Beyond PhysIQ to make real impact in these lives. The kids were hungry for more motivation and inspiration. The leaders/Maestros were equally prepared to deliver. I strongly believe that this was a great start to a beautiful and long lasting partnership. " - PATIENCE MUSIWA (MALAWI Chapter)

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