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LUANAR & MAGU Maestros Join forces to clean Lizulu Market

In celebration of Africa day and in support to the call from the Lilongwe City Assembly to keep our cities clean; LUANAR & MAGU Maestros, under the leadership of William Banda & Anderson Kayenda respecitviesly partnered to work on cleaning Lizulu Market in Lilongwe City, Malawi. 
Maestros Leadership Team provides opportunities for individuals to discover their heart to serve and realize that serving others is not just something they do, but it is their way of life.

"You all did a great job and the most amazing part of it all is the selflessness. Nobody can take that a way from you. Remain humble on your way up. Never feel too high to do the work others may despise. This is the spirit of community service we need in all our leaders. It was amazing. " - Charles Lipenga, The CEO of Maestros Leadership Team Commented.

"The Maestros experience helps each Maestro accept his/her own ability to make a difference, enhances their knowledge of their own passions and convictions, and develops their ability to empathize with those in need in their communities." - William Banda (LUANAR Chapter Coordinator)

“Upon completion of the event on Saturday, our hearts were full of joy realizing that if we couldn’t do it, no one else would have done it, and if someone could’ve done it, but we did it better. As maestros, we believe that the nation does not owe us anything but we owe it big-time. To the youth out there, as maestros, we urge you to take part in community servicing; serve your community, don’t wait to be given a position to lead. It is your responsibility, it is our responsibility, to turn our nation and even beyond into dreamed nations; believe in yourself that you can do something for your community and you can do it better and then do it. We just did, so Let’s Do This!-Anderson Kayenda ~ MAGU Chapter Coordinator

“It was a thrilling experience, something which at first I didn't thought I was going to enjoy as much as I did. It turned out to be a satisfactory and all right activity. Like how Sir Charles said, it wasn't only about cleaning the market but also cleaning our hearts, and I certainly had mine cleaned that day! So Let’s Do This”- Derek Pendame (MAGU Chapter)

“I have no hesitancy but to appreciate the outstanding leadership of Maestros under Sir Charles. Through their program they made us realize that it was not all about cleaning the market but it was like an eye opener which made us realize that coming together is a beginning of every great work that will matter in life and Working together in one accord is a force that cannot be stopped. We felt relieved, satisfied and clean within us and realized that we are to make the world a better place and not just take from it” Hellings Nkonde (MAGU Chapter)


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