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Poly & MCA Maestros advocate for the Global Goals on Africa Day

Africa Day is dedicated on 25th May of every year. It presents an opportunity for Maestros to reconnect and recommit themselves in support of all Maestros interventions to develop a better Africa and a better world. Maestros Leadership Team is interested in developing and equipping young people into leaders with purpose, motivated by service to humanity and driven by sustainable results to achieve an Africa that is politically, socially and economically successful. LET'S DO THIS is the motto. For more info visit www.maestrosleaders.org

Africa Day celebrates the day when the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), the precursor to the African Union (AU), was formed in 1963. It acknowledges the progress that we, as Africans, have made, while reflecting upon the common challenges we face in a global environment.
The African Union, comprised of 53 member states, has brought together the continent of Africa to collectively address the challenges it has faced, such as armed conflict, climate change, and poverty.

POLY & MCA Maestros took the initiative to advocate for the Global goals, this set of sustainable development goals is an ambitious plan of action set out by the UN member states for people, planet and prosperity. They are universal, applying to all nations and people, seeking to tackle 17 goals including; poverty, education, and inequality to make sure we leave nobody behind by the year 2030.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is the largest global partnership agreement and development plan for the planet ever made. It was agreed upon by all UN member state in September 2015 and consist of 17 goals and 169 targets. The goals ultimately aspire to create a better, more inclusive and more prosperous world by 2030. To make this happen, we need to identify new solutions, create partnerships and realise the vast potential of young, innovative minds.

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