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Maestros Ambassador reports on the Youth Seminar in China

What can Our Generation learn from China?

The Chinese, in 30 years, went from being broke and unable to feed themselves to making modern gadgets, (We all use or wear something made from China), they now have reserves in excess of $3 trillion and lifting an incredible 600 million people from poverty.
Glory Muva, who is the 2017 Ambassador of Maestros Leadership International Team and the Chairperson of Care4Girls campaign, represented the team at this years seminar’s on Youth Employment and Development organized by Fujian Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation under the Ministry of Commerce of China that was held in Fuzhou, China from May 5th to May 25th, 2017.

Glory shares her experience:

Being one of the participants of the 2017 Seminar on youth Employment and Development for Malawi held in china for 3 weeks was quite a great experience. It was a great time of observing and learning from the Chinese as well as my fellow participants of which some of them were notable government officials like the presidential advisor on youth affairs. . The seminar which was sponsored by the ministry of commerce of the Peoples Republic of China and Coordinated by Fujian foreign trade and economic cooperation officials’ training centre was a success. The overall purpose of the seminar was to equip the participants with Knowledge and skills for job creation.

During the course of the training I was able to draw out a number of lessons. One of the lessons that is so profound is that if we want to build a progressive society then we have to improve people livelihood. The Chinese have embraced the importance of Investing on society (people) especially the youth and that Is seen by the many initiatives that they have put in place for the young people which led me to lesson number two and that is “WELL MENTORED Youths are a resource for development (support and coaching).

Furthermore, learning about the reform and opening up of china to the world made me realize the importance of figuring out a model that works for us other than just copying from other people. As young people it’s very easy to flow with every wind of doctrine that comes our way but for us to create the so much needed jobs for other Malawians it’s important to embrace our own model that works for us per our current situation. Going round the cities of China I was able to pick a few things and one thing that stood out for me was how the Chinese are so eager to share something in common with other people but still maintain their distinct figure. This is something we can learn from as well.

All in all one of the things that was so clear to me was that China has understood the power of harnessing the potential of young people and is doing all it can to develop its young people. And this should encourage and energize us as a youth, we are key to the development of our nation and let’s not wait for more platforms to be built up for us rather let us utilize the platforms that have been created for us already and start making a difference.

Where there is employment there is Development and thus The Development of Malawi and Africa is our responsibility…so Let’s Do This


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