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The Visit at Thogoto Home of the aged

Maestros Team recognises Ageism as a kind of discrimination or unfair treatment based on a person’s age. AGEISM can seriously impact on someone’s confidence, job prospects, financial situation and quality of life. It can also include the way that older people are represented in the media, which can have a wider impact on the public’s attitudes. In some African countries, when one is old, now inherits the title Witch or a Wizard.

It’s important that ageism, often called age discrimination, is addressed to ensure that nobody loses out because of their age. You see, ageing is inevitable, we are all growing older by the day. Elderly people experience a type of discrimination that's prevalent, and it has nothing to do with the color of their skin, their religion or socio-economic status. They may be old but they are Gold.

The idea of visiting the elderly was suggested by sir Emmanuel Otieno who did the preliminary visit to the home. This idea was birthed as a way of achieving *SDG* number 10 on reduced inequalities. 
1. Introduction and interactions - A lady representative of the home's management gave us a brief history of the home and some of the challenges they face. I.e shortage of adult diapers. We had opportunity to interact with the elderly 
2. Dance and feeding of the elderly - We danced and sang  some of the traditional songs and dance  together with the elderly. We also helped them to prepare lunch and feeding some of them. take their lunch. 
3. The Clean up - We cleaned the compound, some rooms and helped in cleaning utensils as well. Some helped the senior parents to do laundry. 
4Tree planting & weeding - Some maestros had the opportunity to weed and water the farms in Thogoto home. The National Coordinator represented Maestros by planting a tree in Thogoto  farm as a memory of our first visit in the Thogoto Home. 
5. Giving out of the donations - Maestros had contributed a total of KES 12,530

The Coordination team
1.SirClaude Saula
2.Emmanuel Otieno
3.Evans Lunani
4.Patroba Mboya
5. The PR TEAM 

Maestros Leadership Team works towards achieving sustainable development goals set by the United Nations, and this time they are targeting Goal #10 that focuses on Reducing Inequalities, under the project called BEYOND PHYSIQ. We believe that for sustainable development to take place, all our ambitions and decisions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.

Special vote of thanks

1.SirClaude saula- for Coordinating the 5 Maestros Chapter with the help of the Chairpersons of each Chapter. Naiza - UoN Maestros Chapter,  Eunice - Maseno Maestros Chapter, Grace- JKUAT Maestros Chapter and  ensuring that the project was a success 

2.Emmanuel Otieno- for sharing the idea and volunteering to get the details of the home and its needs 

3.Evans Lunani -for managing the budget in coordination with the Finance Reps from the 5 Maestros chapters. Keylene - UoN Maestros Chapter, Renson - Maseno Maestros Chapter and Grace- JKUAT & Egerton Maestros Chapter. 

4.Maestros Kenya -for showing up, for the generous contributions and ensuring that the senior parents had a great time. The day came to an end with a prayer from one of the senior parents, Mr Simuyu prayed for all Maestros present. Finally a group photo with our placards to show our support for sustainable Development Goals```

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