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UN | Environmental Emergency Forum

On behalf of all Maestros Leadership Teams in different countries, I would like to convey our special appreciation to; 

·     The United Nations Office for Coordinating Humanitarian Affairs.

·     The United Nations Environmental Program.

·     Green Cross International. This is a great honour.

·     And of course special appreciation also goes to Kenya for hosting this wonderful event.

In some parts of the world, the talk on climate change or global warming is unheard of. Some are ignorant and some still living in denial of the fact that man’s practices have either a positive or negative impact on the environment. In some places it is not enough just to advocate for good agricultural practices or for instance, enforce a law against deforestation. This is all they have known. The same charcoal burning is what has fed their families for decades. It is now a tradition, BUT deforestation is not based on tradition, the lack of affordable alternative energy sources is key to deforestation. As we advocate for climate action, lets first understand and promote the socio-economic state of these targeted areas.

The video (you have just watched) displayed partly how we are fighting this battle on our end; Through Refining Education; raising awareness on human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, Investing in adaptation, impact reduction and early warning techniques. To top it all, promoting solutions in form of social enterprises to help communities to rise above their economic challenges. We launched MaGreen (Maestros Green Project) to focus on protecting people, property and planet. We use the Sustainable Development Goals as our guiding tool, and personally I do have a favourite Sustainable development Goal; QUALITY EDUCATION. Because I believe through QUALITY EDUCATION we can have the realization of all SDGs. Through QUALITY Education we can support and promote all SDGs. 

I believe it will take education to shape the future. But it will take us to shape the education of today to have the future we want. Maestros Leadership Team was established with that same purpose; to shape education that will shape the future, Not in just producing good candidates for employment but Global citizens who are problem solvers, experts, masters, in their industries, that is why we call ourselves Maestros. I am glad to say, I did not come alone today, and in this room we have some of our Maestros leaders from Kenya who are doing amazing work to make this world a better place. Effective leaders are in short supply, empowering the youth today is the surest way to increase it for an inevitable future transformation.

Our programs are designed to inspire young people as well as adults to become engaged members of their communities/ countries who work to solve problems and help others through service. This award will inspire many not just to join the cause, but to create their own movements in rising up to the challenge of solving our pressing socio-economic and environmental challenges. This is a call to governments and development partners, to provide young people with more platforms and infrastructures to turn the energy and creativeness of the youth into a resource. 

May I also appeal to my fellow youth, ‘let's not just be excited to point out what is wrong with our governments, let's unite and solve these pressing matters together. Just like it is said, “Time waits for no man, I tell you today, Global warming is waiting for no man.” As Maestros we say, IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY, SO LETS DO THIS. 

Finally I would like to thank these following key people in our organization; Alexander Mtambo, Bright Chidzumeni, Dennis Imaan, Glory Muva and all the coordinators of different chapters. Without God all this wouldn't have been possible, Glory to the almighty for giving us the the vision and the wisdom to do this.

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