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Maestros In Inaugural Event For The 16 Days Activism

Maestros Leadership Team joins the campaign to end violence against women and girls. #OrangeUrWORLD. Through a partnership with Blantyre High Court, Malawi Police & Women Judges Association of Malawi Maestros Leadership Team took a leading role in the inaugural event for 16 Days activism to end violence against women and girls.

According to The Maestros Leadership Team chairperson Charles Lipenga, the event was a success and he thanked all the particioants and partners.

"We invited a number of stakeholders including students from different schools to participate. We also had motivational talks and a tour of the court.

Special thanks to the Maestros Leaders who volunteered and made this a successful inaugural event for the UN's 16DAYS of activism". Lipenga said.

Prior to the event several women judges and Maestros leaders made pledges through public profile picture messages showing their stand to end gender-based violence.

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