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Care4Girls | GIRLS & WOMEN

CARE FOR GIRLS campaign is an empowerment programme aiming at promoting and keeping young girls in school. The programmes focuses on creating mentorship and awareness on puberty and adolescent in the process we distribute sanitary towels and demystify all menstrual related myths.

The range of challenges for young girls in Malawi is just vast; child abuse, depriving of their rights, short of women participation in social, political and economic development process, just to mention a few. Lack of resources & trainings to combat or alleviate the social ills and challenges our young girls face is resulting in early pregnancies, early & forced marriages, school drop outs etc.

Girls' Program

We are specifically targeting the young girls in schools, to impact and influence them for a greater future, develop and equip them to live life full of a purpose, motivated by service to humanity and driven by sustainable results to achieve a Malawi that is politically, socially and economically successful.

Women's Program

Did you know that in 15 countries, women still require their husband's consent to work? In dozens more, women are forbidden from opening their own bank accounts, inheriting family property, or taking the same jobs as men, just to mention a few challenges women face everyday.

As Maestros we discovered that, when women are allowed to participate in the workforce and improve their own living standards, they are able to lift themselves from the cycle of poverty. Yet, there are still fewer women working in high-quality jobs than men. In addition to improving basic human rights, think about the power and wealth that could be unlocked if women had the same opportunities as men.

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Campaign Chairperson - Glory Muva +265884412424

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