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Maestros Leadership Team works towards achieving sustainable development goals set by the United Nations, and this time they are targeting Goal #10 that focuses on Reducing Inequalities, under the project called BEYOND PHYSIQ. We believe that for sustainable development to take place, all our ambitions and decisions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own

This time at Mary View, we thought it wise to use the opportunity to inspire the students and give them a platform to share their dreams and aspirations so that they may inspire nations. Catholic University Maestros Chapter organized uniforms for all the students at Mary View - school of the deaf in Chiradzulo. They donated 176 uniforms on 29th April, 2017 together with Maestros from different chapters.

Visiting the School for the deaf was a life changing experience for me and you start appreciating the little things in life when you see people who don’t have them. Only at such times do you tide over the insignificant and immaterial things and appreciate the bigger picture, that God loves us all, and he has given us different roles to play. One of those roles as leaders is to reach out to those in need." - MAGGIE MAKORE, MW NATIONAL CHAPTER

There are lots of times we hear about special need people but usually it never sticks to heart to do something about them but its only when you get a first hand experience of their world and spend time with them that you realise that their isn't such a thing as their world, there is one world. It was really inspiring to meet them and see the endless list of things they can do. Dreams really go Beyond physIQ, dreams see no boundaries, so we shouldn't either." - DALITSO CHINGUWO, MCA MAESTROS COORDINATOR

"As I set my foot on mary view campus and set eyes on all the kids who welcomed us, one thing came to mind and that was 'equality'. The children live exactly as everybody does,the way they connect, interact and do things together. One thing that came into play is the saying that 'disability is not inability'. They have have the same goals as we do,the same ambitions we have and together we can inspire them to do more as one community,one society and one Nation. And before I forget,Mary View children have some good dance moves!!! - Sothini Edward Phiri (MCA Chapter) 

"It was such an amazing experience visiting Mary view school for the deaf. I was greatly moved by their level of   interaction and excellent coordination. It really made sense to me that it doesn't matter the condition or the disability one has, what really matters is what one does even in the very condition they are. I salute all those who have taken the initiative to help these kids realise their value, and to believe in themselves; maestros being one of them through the project, beyond physIQ. Indeed, there is no telling to what these kids can do and become." - MICHAEL WASI (MALAWI Chapter)

"The trip to Mary view showed me really that disability is not inability. My first encounter with the kids made me feel welcome because they were all smiles and happy to see us. This meant they are always willing to interact with the society. I had to learn a few sign languages inorder to communicate with them because these guys inspired me alot. They were able to dance without music  and they were keen to listen to what we had for them. So with proper coordination we can achieve more for these kids have even greater ambitions and dreams that would benefit our societies and country as a whole." - WAAZA K PHIRI (CHANCO Chapter)

"The visit opened my eyes to the little perfection details, ingenuity, heartwarming experience and lessons the place holds which may not be seen from the surface. The happiness and warmth in the student's contagious smiles was too genuine and hearty; defied generally supposed limitations on them by the virtue of their being persons with disabilities. Their ambition oversteps what society places on them."Ambition is free of limitations." They gave a perfect example of what it means to be "a people's person" through their ability to relate and cooperate with anyone despite the limitation that they're deaf. " - CHRISTIAN CHIKALIMBA (MCA Chapter) 

"The trip to mary view has made me realize that there is still a lot that needs be do in this world, we only need to hold hands and help each other beyond our disabilities.I never thought kids lik that can dream that way,i was inspired by a small girl whose dream was to help people all over the world despite her being disabled,as they say when we were born we cried and the world rejoiced so let's live life and help others so that when we die the world should cry for our choice. " - James chirwa (MCA Chapter)
"The moment I saw those kids I was like "God I praise you because these kids are fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful" (Psalms 139:14). I believe God made us all unique and we are all equal is his sight.
I felt pity for myself that I was feeling sorry that they are deaf. But seeing their joy made realise that they don't feel sorry for themselves they are happy just the way the are and I could see leaders in that hall.  They are the leaders of tomorrow if only we could give them a chance to take their position as leaders we can make this world a better place for everyone. I was really motivated that anything is possible as long as we are in the right place at the right time. So lets not stop here, the kids need our support and prayers. Don't wait until they call for help but let's look around and see if there is any gap that we as maestros need to fill." - Annette Nakhwema (MCA Chapter)

"I always thought it would take someone who can listen and or one who can speak  inoder to become a leader, but seeing the deaf students at the school, I realised that no matter how hard it is to communicate everyone has a voice. Their points were so clear and so important like every ones else I.e. one of the girls wants to be a nurse and help in her community. It was so inspiring and so touching." - Florence Kalua (MCA Chapter)

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