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This is an inaugural workshop designed by Maestros Leadership Team to be an intensive training & networking program for young Malawians between 13-18 years of age, who are high school/ secondary school students, school leavers and university students. 

The aim is to educate, engage and equip young people in their transitional years and waithood with the necessary leadership, personal development and entrepreneurial skills to be.

SPRINGBOARD will develop into an annual gap-year program that will seek to enhance learning and engage the youth in the most productive method while preparing them for career and higher education. The program is projected to have a direct impact of more than 100 young people in Malawi by end of 2017. 

Using cutting edge technologies and adopting innovative strategies and approach, we provide high quality and intensive training, tutorials, engagement programs, internship and links to opportunities for development. The key tenets of our work are Leadership, closing gender gaps, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Academic Excellence and Employability.


There is a growing demand for young people to gain the skills required to become innovative entrepreneurs addressing relevant challenges within their communities, sadly most people have access to such opportunities a bit late. Thus why Maestros Leadership Team is introducing SPRINGBOARD.

The programs and training activities will deliver the market-relevant skills and knowledge to youth so that they can be creatively resilient and integrate into the economic and social frameworks of their communities.

THE SPRINGBOARD Project will develop into a Leadership Academy which will focus on equipping and building the capacity of secondary/ high school youths and school leavers in Malawi through various mind transforming, inspirational and empowerment programs as well as initiatives that will help them take the responsibility to develop themselves and build up their value. 
This is to make sure the students are being exposed to the right and relevant information early in their life so they have a different orientation to life.

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