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Our Teacher-preparation programs provide educators-to-be with the leadership tools, mentors, and hands-on experience they will need once they begin or as they expand their career.
The aim of the Parents & Teachers Training is to examine and implement the concept of excellence and leadership in the light of administration and management of organizations such as schools so as to achieve educational goals excellently.

Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less. To grow in leadership, one must grow in influence and this tool is designed to garner feedback from parents and teachers to identify areas and opportunities for their leadership growth. This assessment tool helps parents and teachers identify and nurture the potential in the younger generation of Maestros.

Accountability in educational institutions is woefully inadequate. In sub-Saharan Africa, 40 percent of children remain illiterate even after five years of education. By end of 2016, 38 percent of sub-Saharan African youth were predicted to have been illiterate, compared to 0 percent in the majority of other global regions. The root cause of low-quality and inequitable public services is often weak accountability.

We identified  core professional leadership and management practices that we focus on instilling in all institutions. These apply to all phases and types of schools and are in turn subdivided into the knowledge, professional qualities (skills, dispositions and personal capabilities) and actions needed to achieve them. These include:

  1. SHAPING THE FUTURE: creating a shared vision and strategic plan for the school (in collaboration with governing body) that motivates staff and others in the community;
  2. LEADING LEARNING AND TEACHING: headteachers taking responsibility for raising the quality of teaching and learning and for students’ achievement. This implies setting high expectations and monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of learning outcomes. A successful learning culture will enable students to become effective, enthusiastic, independent learners, committed to life-long learning;
  3. DEVELOPING SELF AND WORKING WITH OTHERS: building effective relationships and building a professional learning community through performance management and effective professional development for staff;
  4. MANAGING THE ORGANISATION: improving organisational structures through self-evaluation, organisation and management of people and resources in order to build capacity across the workforce and deploy cost effective resources;
  5. SECURING ACCOUNTABILITY: headteachers are accountable to students, parents, carers, governors, the local authority and the whole community to provide a high quality of education for promoting collective responsibility within the whole school community and for contributing to the education service more widely;
  6. STRENGTHENING COMMUNITY: creating links and collaborating with other schools, parents, carers and other agencies to share expertise and ensure children’s wellbeing

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