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Project Inspired | EDUCATION

Project Inspired is one of many initiatives under Maestros Leadership Team aimed at reaching out to young needy children; from orphans, streets kids to students with physical, spiritual and mental empowerment. The program provides scholarship grants for needy students and Career guidance sesions for all enrolled at institutions.

Here are some comments from Malawi, Polytechic Maestros coordinating this project. 

"This project has provided a platform for me to express my patriotism and faith in God. The very fact that I can empower somebody less privileged to be and to do more brings me great joy. I believe we are responsible for our condition. If we want to see change instead of always waiting for "someone" to bring change in our environment we should be the ones to implement change and do what we can where we can. #OurCountry, #OurResponsibility.

Concerning the beneficiaries and the nation i believe this project will forever change the hearts of all the Malawian people It will also open people's hearts and minds to take an active responsibility to take care of their fellow countrymen which will help in alleviating the poverty levels as the less privileged will be provided with opportunities for development."  - Kumbutso Ngaiyaye.

"The project has given me a sense of responsibility and a way of helping out others. I have learnt that though I am a student I can still help out. I am sure that the beneficiaries of the project now know that there are people out there that care about them. They can now go to class without worries." - Chimwemwe Tikiwa (Khiwa) 

"I have had a very wonderful experience in being part of a team that is geared up to make a change in our society. The program has opened a new thinking in me, l never thought college students would be part of a team that is supporting needy students in secondary schools, but now things are really happening. That alone makes my life fulfilled.

And the programs has already started transforming the lives of students in sec schools. Students can aim high now due to career talks being championed by the MAESTRO." - John Chilima


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