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Maestros Academic Armour | EDUCATION

Maestros Academic Armour Project also known as MAAP was established to promote education for sustainable development by ensuring quality and equal opportunities to education for all.

Putting on a school uniform is a basic requirement and a symbol pride for every student. Mainly due to economic capacity and other unfortunate circumstances, some are not capable to afford such basic necessities such as uniforms and school materials, this breeds inequalities and loss of interest in primary education.

The MAAP project is currently confined to both mission and government primary schools with free school uniforms, school shoes and other school materials. The team’s long term goal is to facilitate change in the academic curriculum in order to produce hybrid students who will bring significant changes in their field of specialty.

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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Be a part of the movement. We are the leaders of today; great thinkers, full of passion and motivation to drive our communities forward.  - Emmanuel Otieno (Maestros Ambassador).