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Our John Maxwell certified coaches & Mandela Washington Fellows will help you take the success of your organization and the development of your employees to the next level. Be sure that we will culture the mind of a leader in you and your thinking pattern will always improve and increase for your next level of success. We will aid your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods. Working together, we will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

Leadership Training

We help you develop shared responsibility & accountability within your organization. Training indivduals to develop responsibility for their actions & the actions of theor work, developing a habit of working with others, encouraging and welcoming criticisms and critical questions of your ...

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Entrepreneurship Training

Our Entrepreneurship training prgrams focuses on developing knowledge, skills and understanding of how an innovative idea, product or process can be used to form a new and successful business, or to help an existing firm to grow and expand. we beleive inno-preneurship is a key driver of our economy.

We organize, connect...

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Innovation Training

Innovation skills are among the most sought-after competencies in leaders, entrepreneurs & employees. These skills related to creativity, communication, and problem solving are most needed by society. As a result of participating in this collaborative program with others, we help you zero in on cultivating those skills.


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Mentorship Programs

The main objective of Maestros Mentorship Programs  is that every young person has the supportive relationships they need to grow and develop into thriving, productive and engaged citizens.

Our parents and grandparents are our earliest mentors; later, we may be mentored by--or act as mentors to--brothers, siste...

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Teachers' Training

Our Teacher-preparation programs provide educators-to-be with the leadership tools, mentors, and hands-on experience they will need once they begin or as they expand their career.


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Be a part of the movement. We are the leaders of today; great thinkers, full of passion and motivation to drive our communities forward.  - Emmanuel Otieno (Maestros Ambassador).